La Sal Gallery /brand design

La Sal Gallery is a concept store selling best quality gourmet salt and unique jewellery pieces from world class designers. We were asked to create a brand identity which would suit the exclusive character of this idea. The whole concept had a little bit of magical background as the name for the gallery was chosen with the help of numerology. The trick was to combine two different products like salt and jewellery with one strong idea. From a few different propositions the alchemy concept was chosen as the strongest. The look of the brand was strongly influenced by modern lab elements. This resulted in the clean and minimal design of all the applications. CLIENT: La Sal Gallery

All products were classified by a unique letter and number key. This naming system was inspired by the periodic table of elements.
Salt tester tubes.
The interior was designed by Marcin Kwietowicz.
As imagery we used a photomicrography of a salt crystal. This fits perfectly the scientific character of the brand. The picture was taken by Dr. Gerhard Rohinger.
A pendant made by jewellery designer Johnny Ramli for La Sal Gallery.
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